The Commitment

The Defence Sparx programme takes place part-time from 12th October to 15th December 2022.

It is delivered using a blended approach, with a combination of on-site and virtual programme days. There are 9 on-site days and 5 virtual days.

The on-site days will take place in Guinness Enterprise Centre , Dublin 8 starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm daily. Lunch is provided. For the on-site day on 21 October, participants will attend the 2022 Furthr Festival taking place at Convention Centre Dublin.

The virtual days can be joined remotely, from anywhere.

The programme includes two overnight stays in a hotel provided close to Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin City Centre. These overnights are vital to building trust within the group and team that is necessary for creativity to flourish and the open sharing of ideas. The overnight stays are on the 12th October and 9th November 2022.

Please note, this programme is subject to change.

Outside programme work

Key to success is the work that takes place outside the programmed days. This self-directed teamwork includes engaging with and interviewing stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the challenges people face and to validate proposed solutions. There is also some preparatory work required ahead of each programmed session. Flexibility will be required from units / branches to provide participants time to carry out this work.